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Our excellent service ensures a worry-free environment throughout the work day, so your employees, customers and guests can thrive. Workplace well-being: where a safe (work) environment and respect for the environment are important factors.

Excellent service
Safety first! The basis for our service is safety for you and our employees. Eurest Services abides by strict quality standards and leads the way when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe work environment.
Our team of multi-disciplinary facilities management employees personally greets you every day with the utmost respect. Why not start your day with a delicious cappuccino in our coffee bar, or enjoy a relaxing yoga session? With us, you can always count on the best, most forward-thinking and healthiest products and services.

Our facilities manager takes care of all facilities management services at your location and ensures an outstanding performance from our specialists in every field.


People and experiences
Aromatherapy, music on the workfloor and a healthy food bar: these are just some of the examples of how we work to stimulate your senses throughout your work day. Hospitality is in our DNA and we go the extra mile to bring you a special experience time and time again.

Safe and responsible
You can count on us to offer the right solution to contribute to the success of your organisation. Your goals and organisational culture set the tone for the services we offer. For us, it goes without saying that all our services aim for sustainability, circularity and promoting personal well-being. By seamlessly aligning our services with your core values, we mitigate risks and contribute to the continuity of your business.
We employ the most innovative materials and resources, which ensures that our service remains efficient while maintaining top quality standards.

Eco office items

We work with environmentally friendly office supplies; based on recognized international ISO standards, the highest level in the series of environmental awards.