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From the moment you arrive to the moment you go home, we give you everything you need to perform at your best all day long.
Our multi-disciplinary employees work as one facilities management team with the same goal every day: workplace well-being for you and your staff.
Our services cater to all the senses throughout the customer journey.


Coffee Bar
Company Restaurant
Meeting Room
Main Entrance
Turnstile Workplace

Main entrance
Our hostess greets you and your guests with a smile, making sure everyone feels safe and relaxed. Do you enjoy a little small talk with the hostess, or do you prefer to keep to yourself? We always follow your lead and adjust to your personal preferences.
The windows are spotlessly clean, everything is nice and tidy and the plants indoors and outdoors are perfectly groomed, so you have got one less thing to worry about and you can focus on your daily tasks. We use the most innovative, environmentally friendly equipment and materials to reduce the impact on the planet.

Would you like self-service registration or do you prefer for everyone to gather in the reception area? Our reception is a central, social meeting place where you feel welcome all day long. We offer a range of tasty treats and drinks which change throughout the day, creating a pleasant working climate, so everyone performs at his or her best.

Meeting room
Your meetings take place in the room that best matches your needs, so you can get the most out of them.
Do you want to wow your customers with your new strategy? We'll adjust our services to this and make sure the equipment, materials and delicious, healthy food and drinks are all perfectly coordinated.

Take advantage of our fresh-ground coffee service, conveniently located right next to your work floor. We also offer a fine selection of sustainably sourced teas, so you can enjoy a refreshing cup any time of day and contribute to a better world.
Our wide selection of sustainable office supplies gives you everything you need, exactly when you need it.


After hours of hard work, it is time to relax. Why not retreat to the book exchange library or challenge your colleagues from Sales to a table football match? A relaxed employee performs better. On Friday afternoon, it is time for boot camp, so you always end your work week with a good work out with your colleagues.

Company restaurant
Our chefs and nutrition experts are passionate about their profession. Every day they create delicious, well-balanced dishes. That means choosing the best traditional and seasonal ingredients. In short, all that you need to feel good and perform optimally. (Link to Eurest Food)

We are constantly working, even behind the scenes, to keep all the facilities clean. The restrooms are always clean, tidy and comfortable. Our hand soap, specially developed for Eurest Services, contains a delightful fragrance that freshens the air each time you wash your hands. Thanks to the sensors on our paper towel dispensers, there's always a towel within reach when you need it.

Coffee bar
Feeling like a fresh croissant for breakfast or a healthy snack in the afternoon? Our coffee bar serves not only the finest coffee and tea, but also serves delicious snacks for you to enjoy at work or take home to your family. There's no better way to come home after your work day.