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Workplace well-being. That is what it is all about. We want to make your organisation a place where employees are happy to be and can deliver an outstanding performance. We combine insights from trend watchers and nutrition experts with research and apply them to meeting the needs of your employees. Based on this knowledge and our years of expertise, we create an inspiring working environment that attracts and retains both current and new talented employees. In summary, we offer solutions to optimise productivity, stimulate innovation and maximise the well-being of your employees. Eurest Services delivers the essential ingredients for the success of your business.

Your employees
Multi-functional rooms, which are accessible throughout the day, invite you to meet up. They bring your employees closer together, enabling new collaborations. Everyone gets to know each other better, for brainstorming or for a moment of relaxation. In short: inspiring places where creative ideas are born.


The organisation
We bring colleagues together with interesting events and workshops. These are informal moments that stimulate the team spirit and lay the foundation for lasting, meaningful relationships.

Our team
Passionate employees are the pride of our company. They do everything with great pleasure and passion for their trade. They are driven by their training and personal development to continually get the best out of themselves and others. As an employer, we are committed to creating opportunities for those who need them.

Wellness workshops

We offer a special range of workshops and activities around the themes: nutrition, exercise and relaxation.