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You can focus completely on your work, because the safety of you and your staff is an integral part of what we do. From development to procurement to the execution of our services or projects, we always carefully weigh the risks of our choices, every step of the way. Every department of our organisation does its part to create a pleasant, safe workplace for you, your staff and your guests. That is how we build a culture of safety together.
Our facilities management employees play a key role. They are vigilant and constantly on the lookout when it comes to safety. At Eurest Services, we encourage every employee to work together to identify risks and develop solutions in the area of health and safety in the workplace. This creates a unique collaboration between management and staff to ensure safety and health. By actively involving all our employees, we learn from each other and make active engagement for safety into second nature.
Using the latest insights in the fields of behaviour, education and motivation, we encourage our employees to adopt a safety-first mindset, turning safety into true added value.
Our focus is on intrinsic motivation, which we achieve with our interactive tools such as educational games, videos, quizzes and puzzles.
This has enabled us to stop seeing safety as a burden or a boring lecture about all the things that could go wrong. Instead, we see safety as something fun and worthwhile. Ultimately, this benefits everyone, because if an employee feels safe at work, he or she feels better and does a better job.